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​When two young lovers went out on a mission to try an abundance of different gins throughout New Zealand, they soon found that each gin was complemented by a different type of garnish.

Soon after they decided to purchase each fruit, from mint to Basil to Orange and tested them across multiple recipes and mixes.

With time they noticed the fruit would go bad quite quickly with only two or three pieces being used before it would need to be thrown away.

But what is a delicious spirit on a hot summer day without the bitterness from a slice of cucumber or the zesty tang of lemon piece. There had to be a way to continue using added extras without wasting them. And so the story begun.

Hours of research, testing and many mistakes later the two worked day and night to create Ice so Fine even Paradiso would be jealous.

They studied the freezing process, watched how the fruits reacted to the chilling process and soon found a way to freeze delicious garnishes inside frozen H20.

Now offering UV-Filtered crystal clear ice, packed with Flavours and Aromas, Fine Ice is a must for anybody looking to classify their drinks and add a hint of flavour with the simple step of putting a cube of ice in their drink.  

No more chopping, no more squeezing, no more mess. Just a fine piece of ice that can turn your standard home drink into a 5 star experience.

Alex Russell


New Zealand Home Grown H20 and 100% Natural Fruits and Vegetables


One of our main goals is to become more sustainable. As a small business trying to grow this can be a challenge but have this as a high priority and are working towards better practices. One way we have already made changes is through a low wastage rule in which we aim to gift all our by product (internal fruits and juice) to others rather than throw away.

ice-loving team

Meet Our Iceologists


The rock, the stability and the support to the whole business or it would fall over. She's the one that really made it possible.


Loves golf, soccer and DIY things. Can build a generator with a stick and a rubber band.


Our emotional support dog/biggest guard dog you have seen. He's the company mascot and always ready to provide the cuddles.
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Ask Us Anything

There are so many answers out there but boil the jug is not the answer. Clear ice is formed when air bubbles are removed from the water. Best way to do this is freeze the water in one direction. Grab an old chillybin, fill it with water, throw it in the freezer for around 48 hours and pull it out before that time.

Tempering is the process in which you allow the temperature of the ice to rise and reach room temperature. Leave it on the bench for a few minutes to allow this to happen, if not the sudden change in temp will cause the ice to crack.

Like any small business we can’t unfortunately offer everything due to labour restrictions. However with the seasons and fruits coming in and out of season we are already working on 3/4 other flavours of fruits theses including Strawberry, mint and lime.

No it is best to reseal the cubes with the plastic film or place them in a seperate container. Ice has a tendency of pulling aromas that are surrounding it inside itselfand potentially tasting strange.