our little ice company

How it all started

When two young lovers went out on a mission to try an abundance of different gins throughout New Zealand, they soon found that each gin was complemented by a different type of garnish.

Soon after they decided to purchase each fruit, from mint to Basil to Orange and tested them across multiple recipes and mixes.

With time they noticed the fruit would go bad quite quickly with only two or three pieces being used before it would need to be thrown away.

Fruit-infused ice cubes

Enhance your beverages

Where to purchase?

Available at: Farro Epsom, Farro Grey Lynn, Farro Constellation, Super Liquor Orewa, Liquorland Northcross, Liquorland Forest Hill, Stonefields

Events and Weddings

Show stopping centerpieces that turn every occasion into a visual masterpiece. Collaborate with us to add a touch of frozen artistry to your weddings and events, making them truly unforgettable.


We can manufacture beautiful clear ice cubes such as edible flowers, strawberry, mint and other flavours to your request if purchasing bulk through wholesale.

Delicious, aromatic, beautiful

Our ice

Fine Ice is made with 100% natural ingredients, those two ingredients being water and your favourite type of granish.

Each piece of fruit whether it be Cucumber, Mint, Orange, Strawberry or Lemon is full of flavour and sourced from trusted growers .

Each fruit complements a different drink and can be used in anyway your creative mind can think of.

Our crystal clear ice cubes are shaped from UV-Filtered water in a 24 hour freezing process to eliminate any unwanted air bubbles and residue that could create impurities.

"We were celebrating my sons birthday and honestly the ice cubes gave that extra bit of magic and excitement."

Karen Barnes, Customer

Our Mission

Our Mission?

Our mission is to provide easily accessible, delicious ways to enhance any drink for a more enjoyable experience.

We want to completely change everyone’s perspective on frozen H20 and build a culture around sophisticated, beautiful looking, aroma filled cubes of hydration.